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Henna Corrector – Terra Copper


Terra-Copper is a Coppery red that should not be used alone and only mixed in with another pigment to add a warmer tone.

Our Henna correctors are made with a mix of Egyptian Lawsonia Inermis, Indigo and Theobroma Cacao our special Australian Hand poured recipe will leave a rich long lasting Tint and a powdery fuller looking brow. These Correctors are used to add into any of our Henna Pigments to Darken a colour or give off a warmer tone.

Additional Information: The best thing about our Henna Correctors are that they are freshly made up each time before use, simply add into any henna pigment and mix with a few drops of clean fresh water and apply to eyebrows.
Each bottle contains enough for 30 – 40 sets of brows and has a shelf life of 2 years.
Terra- Copper is not to be used on it’s own, only mix into Henna Pigments.