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Henna Pigment – Burnt Beige


Burnt Beige is a light brown pigment suited for light blondes

6 pigments 12 different colour possibilities.
Are you looking for the finest henna pigments on the market?
Henna pigments and henna correctors by the Hennatician are created from the highest quality Egyptian Henna and made in Australia according to the strict manufacturing standards.
Each bottle contains enough for 30-40 sets of eyebrows and has a shelf-life of 2 years.

Our pigments are designed to

  • Act fast ( 2-5 minute processing time )
  • Last longer ( colouring lasts 4-6 weeks )
  • Give a rich colour for a fuller, powdery eyebrows
    Henna brows colourings are an effective and totally natural alternative to chemical eyebrow tinting.
    Rich coverage over greys, the perfect tone and wonderfully defined eyebrows will ensure that both you and your clients are delighted with the results.


  • Rich colour for fuller, powdery brows
  • Short treatment times with long lasting results
  • Made for all skin tones and hair textures
  • Each colour is fully customisable.
  • Rich colouring beautifully covers greys
  • Hygienic and anti-microbial. Henna pigments and correctors are prepared fresh each time before use.
  • Natural, cruelty-free and plant based

Instructions: Mix with distilled water according to instructions